Mediumship Unveiled E-Course

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Hello.... Are you there?

Have you ever wondered how to connect with a Loved one who's passed or if they ever try to communicate with you through signs? Do you worry about their emotional and physical well-being and just want to know if they are doing ok? Or have you ever had a strong feeling that they are around you but you didn't know for sure?

If any of these questions have left you wanting to know more about the afterlife and how to connect, then I can help. Watch this video for an inside peek of how it works! 

Join me in a powerful 4 week introductory course that will help you learn how to connect with a Loved One that has passed. Here are a few topics this course will teach you:

                                  HOW TO....

  • Recognize when your Loved One is near.
  • Identify how they try to communicate with you through signs and subtleties.
  • Prepare you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to receive loving messages.
  • Understand how the process of grieving and holding on to the pain inhibits your ability to connect and hear their messages.
  • Understand that life lives on beyond death and communication between the living and the dying never ends.

Now available as an amazing and powerful E-Course! 

Cost: $297 (includes ALL : Videos, course outlines, material, and homework)

Here's what people are saying:

During quarantine, I got to a point I felt stuck with no direction as to where this journey was taking me. The death of a friend who was a lightworker and helped others, me included,  really opened another door. She came to me in death, and advised I use the gifts I'd had since childhood, ones I was told to fear.

The week of her funeral, I visited another friend in the community who does energy clearings after receiving this message, and she advised I see Shawn Thompson. She spoke of Shawn's upcoming class and urged me to partake in it.  I did. 

This was incredibly solidifying and transformational for me! I now knew this was my calling and how I could help others who have walked a similar path just as I'd always wanted to do. Although I may have been a bit further than the others in my journey here,  it was so needed for me to get back to structure and how to utilize my gifts. To know I wasn't alone, to feel accepted and not shamed, and to have the reassurance and knowledge I needed to move forward. 

I highly recommend Shawn to mentor and assist you in your journey. She is knowledgeable, her energy is so light and airy,  her light shines very bright. The knowledge she brings is an incredible blessing and her class was affordable unlike so many others. 

I am looking forward to advancing with her and utilizing her mentorship. Tanya R.