Intuitive Readings – Single Session

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Have questions about the future while going through a big life transition

Feel stuck and need help getting back on track?

Need to talk with someone who has more insight into your life and direction

Need some new insight into a personal or business relationship?

Whether you're facing a challenge or life transition, wanting more out of your business or personal life, seeking help with a challenging relationship, or simply just stuck and needing ways to move forward I can help. As a life long gifted Intuitive, I access higher information from realms beyond conscious awareness. I am Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, and Claircognizant which means I hear, feel, see, and know more than the normal conscious mind allows. These abilities, which we all have but may not know how to access, allow me to assist you with life's most challenging situations.

During an Intuitive session, you will allow your Higher Self to come through and align with mine as to provide  guidance and insight into your life's direction. Specific circumstances will be addressed and discussed as to point you in a direction that serves your Highest Good. These sessions tantalize you with morsels of information that make life soooo much sweeter, it's like having the inside scoop at the race tracks. Prepare yourself to be amazed and delighted with insights that reach far beyond your wildest dreams and shed miles of light in all directions! Session fee $225.00 hr. in person or over the phone.