5 Elements ViA Bottle & Gempod (amethyst - chalcedony - petr. wood - rose quartz - agate)

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Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed over the last 5,000 years and views health as a harmonious balance of five elements: Wood for growth, Water for reflection, Earth for grounding, Metal for strength and Fire for passion. The elements are the prime energetic building blocks from which all substances in the world are composed. The elements are metaphors for how things interact with each other. We have included one gem for each element in this VitaJuwel blend to reflect each of the individual attributes. Get your life in balance. Now, you can experience the ancient wisdom of gem water benefits for yourself.

These personal gem water bottles have an interchangeable gem pod, which infuses your water with the energy of your personally selected VitaJuwel Blend. Hand-made in the Austrian Alps with lead-free glass, the patented design opens at the top and bottom for easy cleaning. Each VitaJuwel bottle holds 2 cups of water (16.9 fluid ounces).