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  1. Marisa L (Edmonton Alberta Canada)
    "What can I say, as someone who has spent easily 20,000 dollars and years of time on grief therapy, spiritual development and life coaching;  I have never felt as free and lifted from the feelings of regret, despair, guilt, confusion, and loss than with only one session with Shawn. She is not only spot on as a medium but her insights to guide me moving forward were so crystal clear to understand and left feeling light, energized and happy!!!!
    For those who are drowning in the rough rocky waters of grief, please call Shawn! I wish I would have met her years ago, she will help you set yourself free, swim to shore and walk into the sunny warm sun!!!!"
  2. Lee Ann Ward Gallucci recommends Inner Healing. My session with Shawn was amazing!!! She is warm, compassionate and very insightful. She immediately picked up on an issue that was blocking my growth and helped me pull my deepest truth out of the situation. I’m so grateful for her and her wonderful gift!
  3. Stephanie Shepherd reviewed Inner Healing Shawn is the REAL DEAL. She read my husband in front of me and it blew my mind. Not only did she explain so much about his feelings and why he was feeling that way due to his reading, but tying in his sign (Taurus) and astrology - it was incredible. Super talented and wonderful woman whom I now call an amazing friend.
  4. Kim Franger Cabler reviewed Inner Healing Shawn has always given me the most well thought out advice no matter what the situation might be. She has helped me with closure on things that I thought I could never get resolved. I greatly appreciate any bit of time in her presence. She is such a positive soul.
  5. Vanessa Carpenter reviewed Inner Healing I've been Shawn's massage therapist for over 15 years. I saw her when her gifts arrived within her soul. Shawn is very honest, sincere with helping others! She is very educated living a holistic life! Shawn is very gifted and I believe in ALL she does. I would recommend her services for those who need answers, guidance, chakra readings, clearing and such. She's amazing!
  6. Rose Zagra I just wanted to share my experience with Shawn Thompson and her 90 day program “Words left Unspoken”.....it was truly transformational. I was able to connect with my loved ones, heal part of my heart I thought would be broken forever , learn and understand the grieving process, and begin to reinvest back into myself. I highly recommend it to those of you who are struggling.
    Thank you so much Shawn 💕