Privacy and Disclaimer

REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds given for appointments paid and scheduled, If an emergency occurs or an appointment can not be met, then there will be a 24hr reschedule appointment offered. All cancellations or reschedules must be emailed and confirmed by Shawn Thompson in order to be valid. Please understand that when an appointment is scheduled for you it holds your space in which another does not have access to, thus the time is respected regardless of a cancellation. Thank you for understanding.

PRIVACY/CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: Information given or exchanged during readings with Shawn Thompson is confidential, and is not shared, saved or stored. Our main professional ethic is confidentiality, so you can rest assured and be comfortable in knowing that your correspondence and all of your information is treated with the highest degree of respect and is kept private and secure. DISCLAIMER: Shawn Thompson is not responsible or liable for actions made following a reading. Your life and decisions are yours to make solely with your own heart, mind and brain, and it's your own responsibility to make your own common sense choices to better your life and those around you. Shawn's psychic insights and spiritual guidance will help you continue your spiritual journey in a positive direction with what is charted for you and what lies around the corner. Many things in life you must work toward to accomplish, as nothing can magically change or manifest itself around you unless you are willing to make the change and go after it. Keep in mind that free will can always take precedence, things can change as some things are not set in stone, and you can change the outcome of certain situations with your own ability to make positive changes in your life and well balanced life decisions along the way. Shawn Thompson is not responsible for the outcome of predictions and/or your situation(s) as only you can be responsible for your own life and the final outcome of your situation(s). Only you are in control of your life! Shawn Thompson is not a medical doctor or lawyer, these sorts of questions should be directed toward certified and licensed professionals, not psychics. Although Shawn can psychically see the outcome of situations, those sorts of questions should be directed to licensed professionals. Stay open to what is given during a reading with Shawn- Most details that they give during readings will make immediate sense, while other information will make sense over time, as all information that comes through Shawn during readings is always a gift in it's own way. And in browsing this website and purchasing a reading with Shawn, you agree to these terms.

PLEASE NOTE: Shawn Thompson has the right to refuse anyone who is deemed rude, negative, or otherwise difficult to work with.

These services are for your own spiritual and self development and all concerns or questions related to medical or legal nature should be sought out professionally.