Do you wonder if your deceased loved ones are still with you?

Have you ever seen orbs around you in a picture?

Are you in pain over the death of someone close to you?

Do you feel certain things were left unsaid before someone passed over?

Spirit Communication

Over the past 20 years, I’ve delivered countless heartwarming messages from loved-ones in spirit.  Each and every reading has deeply touched my soul.  The profound healing that takes place for my clients after a mediumship reading is one of the reasons I am so humbled to be doing this work.  Yes, love can heal from across the veil!  What a blessing to connect with loved ones from the other side of the veil in order to bring forth loving messages, healing, and at times, closure.

Mediumship Readings are a very unique and sacred form of communication that bridges the gap between our world and the after life. Reconnecting to the people you love and miss in spirit can be transformational and uplifting.  It also serves as a beautiful part of the healing process of grief.  Messages that come forth not only heal but at times can comfort, be a catalyst for forgiveness, complete words left unspoken, and answer questions left unanswered.

Single 1-hr Session

Additional Person

As a Spiritual as well as Licensed Counselor, Intuitive, and Healer, I use my gifts to communicate directly with these deceased loved ones to bring forth evidence that they are very much aware of what is going on in your current life and that the love you both shared is still very much alive.  Every Spirit wants you to know love, truth, and gain insight to the afterlife.  Whether their death was caused by unforeseen events, traumatic, or the natural aging continues.

Examples of Evidential Information that may come through during a mediumship reading:

  • Names (I usually get middle names for some reason), dates, and upcoming special events
  • Hobbies / Interests
  • Personality/ Essence
  • Cause of death / Previous health issues
  • Physical description
  • Shared memories
  • Relationship to you
  • Current happenings going on within the deceased loved one’s living family members
  • Concerns/warnings of future events

When you can allow your heart to open, heal, and believe in life after death, this experience amazingly transforms grief into understanding and acceptance.  After experiencing an out of body experience and traveling to the "other side" myself, I no longer fear death and have returned to enlighten others of the unconditional love that awaits them not only after life but during present time as well.  Prepare yourself to shed tears, laughter, and joy during this GODLY experience.  Fee: $225.00 for 1 hr.  Can be done in person or over the phone.  A detailed description of how to prepare for your reading will be emailed to you at time of purchase.  A $50.00 charge for each additional person attending session is requested as the energy of an additional person requires more energy on my part.

Single 1-hr Session

Additional Person