Words Left Unspoken: Healing the Heart through Understanding, Compassion, And Love

If you have lost a Loved One recently, or at any point in time, and continue to struggle with the grieving process, you may need additional help along your healing journey. With over 20 years of experience in connecting with those who have crossed into the Light as well as having a Masters in Counseling, I am expert in healing the heart of those still living.

I have even created a powerful guide of all the most sought after questions related to Death, Dying, and The Afterlife. Click HERE to gain direct access to this enlightening guide called "An Intimate Conversation Across the Veil"

I have also created a transformational program that enlists the help from your Loved One from across the veil. They have so much to share and say to you. They try so hard to send you signs that often go unnoticed due to the grief and tremendous sadness you experience during a time of loss.

This program has been designed to connect you with your Loved One so you may hear loving messages of support through your grieving process.

As a Psychic Medium, I am able to have a direct connection with your Loved One and teach you how to have one too. I am able to help you understand the different types of grief and how to move through the process with ease and compassion for yourself. Most of all, I am able to support you through your healing journey in a lot less time then the average grieving process provided through individual therapy. As much as therapy can provide support and healing, this program can connect you directly with your loved one to receive answers and comfort that therapy cannot.

If you are tired of hurting and want a direct connection with the one you so desperately miss, watch this inspirational video testimony for insights and encouragement. Click here


For a limited time, I am offering a FREE 45 min call to discuss your current situation and introduce my powerful program that will help you transform your pain into healing. You can schedule a free breakthrough call to discuss your current circumstances and see if my transformational program is a good fit for you. Please take into consideration that if you are not ready to invest financially, emotionally, or mentally in your recovery process- hold on scheduling at this time. This allows space for those who are ready and committed to start healing.

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I just wanted to share my experience with  Shawn Thompson and her 90 day program “Words left Unspoken”.....it was truly transformational. I was able to connect with my loved ones, heal part of my heart I thought would be broken forever , learn and understand the grieving process, and begin to reinvest back into myself. I highly recommend it to those of you who are struggling.
Thank you so much Shawn 💕 Rose Zagra


The name of this transformational program is Words Left Unspoken: Healing the Heart through Understanding, Compassion, and Love 

I have created a 90 day and year long transformational program that will help you move through the grieving process with ease and compassion for yourself. I have a limited amount of space left available, so I am going to be very selective in who qualifies for the program. If you think you may be a good fit, please take the time to schedule a FREE call, but know that I do not offer reschedules or have time for those who are not quite ready to heal on deep levels, for this program is powerful and typically has a waiting list to join. if you are not ready to invest financially, emotionally, or mentally in your recovery process- hold on scheduling at this time. 

This program is comprised of intensive one-on-one sessions that delve into your subconscious mind and transform your complete mindset around death and dying, grief and healing, as well as a Divine understanding of why things happen the way they do so that you can heal the parts of you that hinder your ability to reinvest back into life after loss. An online component as well as community support are also included in this program. To join my private FB community Conversation Across the Veil click HERE

This program is for those individuals that are ready for change on deep levels and are willing to do anything to heal their heart so they can move forward. The initial monetary investment for this Mastermind Program is minute in comparison to the life changing value it offers in your relationships, life purpose, and internal thinking.

If you are searching to heal your heart on a very deep level and connect with your Loved one for assistance in doing so, schedule your FREE breakthrough call TODAY and learn about this transformational program called Words Left Unspoken: Healing the Heart through Understanding, Compassion, and Love! 

This VIDEO will tell you all about it and transform your life!

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