Sacred Prayer Bundle

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This beautifully crafted Prayer Bundle holds the inner truth of what your Soul is whispering to GOD/UNIVERSE/SPIRIT. No matter what your belief system is, your Soul is connected to love and love is connected to the Sacred. Whether it's an intention, a desire, a prayer for you/loved one, an affirmation or reminder that you are loved and protected, it is yours to create and embrace. Chose from an array of healing herbs, crystals, salts and then have it blessed with your intention. The interactive process of creating it and the blessing placed within it strengthens the intention and brings it into the earthly realm for healing. There's something magical and powerful in putting your thoughts, energy and time into prayer that helps you feel connected, healed, and loved. The sacredness of creating your personal Prayer Bundle or gifting it to another brings Inner Healing to each and everyone of us.

Interested in hearing insights and words of encouragement from your guides, Higher Self or GOD?

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