Movie and a Mantra

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Movie and a mantra is considered a modern day book club. It’s a great opportunity to do some deep inner work in the comfort of your home. Cinema therapy dives deep into your subconscious to do internal "mind work" while you laugh, cry, and enjoy a fabulous story line. All you need to do is cozy up in your favorite chair with a delicious treat like chocolate, cheese, charcuterie, glass of wine, ice cream, popcorn or anything else that suits you and melt into a great story.

Throughout the movie you will be answering some questions and picking out your favorite Mantra-which is a statement that really calls to your soul. Then you will work with this Mantra for 30 days- pair it with a Mystical Mala bead set and supercharge your results! Surrender to the process and watch the transformation occur right before your eyes!

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The movie selection for this month is “The Help”. It focuses on honoring your truth, finding your passion, and living life on purpose. You will watch the movie at home and we will discuss it online through Zoom (recorded as well so you can have access to review). The webinar will be approximately 1 1/2 hours and we will explore hidden agendas within the movie, insights and experience amazing breakthroughs which would take too long to accomplish on a traditional therapy couch.

There are two options to enjoy movie and a mantra. You can buy a single webinar ticket for $35 or you can buy a three pack series for $79 that’s a 25% savings.

Looking forward to transforming your mind!