Spiritual Counseling and Development – Single Session

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Go beyond traditional therapy and join me today on a spiritual journey of discovery that will support your entire being.

A spiritual counselor is a guide to help you along your path to spiritual growth and enlightenment. You may be looking for a way to put grief into perspective, overcome a specific obstacle or find your life’s purpose. While spiritual counselors will listen much as a traditional counselor does, they can also employ modalities outside the realm of traditional counseling such as intuitive insights, connections with your guides and the angelic realm as well as spiritual healing through measures such as chakra balancing, crystal therapy, astrology, numerology, energy healing and more.

Spiritual counseling and development can take many different shapes; allowing you to let go of the past, interpret themes that show up throughout your life, and have a deeper understanding of others in your life and how you can support them as well as yourself on this journey called life. Recreate yourself based on the image you hold internally. Bring peace and prosperity to your present and future.

Come experience Inner Healing to get beyond simply “fixing” issues or healing your past. Focus instead on the present and create an inner sanctuary in your soul where you can listen to your personal intuition and apply it to the challenges you are feeling on a daily basis.

Spiritual development does not contain a roadmap from Point A to Point B. Instead, it is a lifelong journey towards enlightenment that allows you to develop your spirit as a whole, bringing together your experiences and feelings with supportive tools and techniques.

With over 21 years of experience as a Licensed Counselor, I use a combination of traditional counseling skills infused with higher realms of information to bring forth a deeper understanding of purpose in life as well as a view of the "Bigger " picture. I understand when to bring in elements of therapy that will help you along your path, as well as when to bring in non-traditional elements for inspiration. If you're interested in developing your own intuitive skills, exploring higher realms, or discovering how to use Spiritual truths to access Divine information and guidance, then this type of session should be right up you alley. These channeled messages and intuitive insights will enlighten your consciousness and keep you seeking for more. A single session is 50 mins. of discussion with access into intuitive insights from your guides, higher self, Akashic Records, and angelic realm. Fee: $225.00 hr in person or phone consultation.