Build a Prayer (Prayer Bundles)

Wild crafting a sacred Prayer Bundle is a ceremonial experience known all throughout the world. Selecting specific organic herbs and spices, along with beautiful crystals, intentions, affirmations and prayer provides a personal touch to healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each element offers therapeutic properties to raise your vibration and promote healing.

Sage- purification
Rosemary- uplifting & energizing
Lavender- calming & relaxing
Rose petals- love, joy, gratitude
Pearls- wisdom
Peridot- love, heals the heart
Amethyst- balances emotions

Prayer Bundles are made for a variety of occasions such as blessings for weddings, support during divorce, celebration of births and grieving a death. They are an expression of gratitude, used to restore balance & harmony, to heal a specific physical or emotional ailment, or a specific request to God, Spirit, Universe. Gifting it to yourself or another is a sacred act of creating space for healing to occur deep within your soul. It's an unspoken blessing that speaks a thousand words.