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By the power of thought all things are brought into manifestation.

When you do a kind act for someone your only hope is that they pay it forward.

Sonny Scanlin

Creating Sacred Space

Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Medium

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Upon entering this sacred space 
called "Inner Healing" you will be
called to release and surrender all
that no longer serves your highest
good. It is a calling we have all heard
from one time or another, just never
answered completely. Here you will
be guided to embark upon a journey
through your inner world. But this time,
you will experience it from a different
perspective, one with limitless possibilities.
Let's begin a journey together.......

Window into your soul

Gift Cards

Often wonder what awaits beyond the doorway? Take a peak into the window of your soul...Gift yourself or another with the opportunity to heal, a moment to reflect, and an experience to grow. Gift cards available starting at $50.00


"You have a gift that only you can give the world - that's the
whole reason you're on the planet.  Use your precious
energy to build a magnificent life that really is attainable.  
The miracle of your existence calls for celebration every day."

- Oprah

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it."

- William Arthur Ward